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Advice on Video Interviews

Due to COVID 19, Video technology seems to be the way forward. Therefore, we have put together some useful tips to help you make the most of your video interview.

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Affecto Team Interviews: Meet Maddy

This week’s interview is about our newest recruit and Office Co-Ordinator Maddy.

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How Can Small Businesses Compete for Talent Against Bigger Tech Companies

As the technology industry has developed and grown, the competition for the best candidates has become more intense. Therefore, it’s vital your business stands out from the rest, offering something the others can’t match.

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Stay Positive!

During yet another lockdown, it’s important to stay positive and motivated in both our work and personal lives. The Affecto team have clubbed together to think how we are staying motivated and positive during this lockdown to give you some ideas.

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Tips for Writing a Great CV

We know that putting together a well-rounded CV can be challenging, so we have put together a guide to give you some basic tips on how to write your own CV or make your existing one even better.

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Affecto Team Interviews: Meet Karl

Meet Karl our BDM, after a successful career in software sales he eventually saw the recruitment light (it took Craig 10yrs for this to take place) and joined us back in October 2020.


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Why is Retaining Talent Just as Important as Attracting it?

Nowadays, recruiting is just as much about retaining staff as it is about attracting them in the first place. Don’t fall into the trap of believing once you have hired a person, they will stay. Your company needs to have schemes and processes in place to provide care and support for your staff.

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Affecto Team Interviews: Meet Emma

This week our interview is with Delivery Consultant Emma, you’ve probably seen her videos across social media, now learn more about her!

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Why are Companies Wanting Tech Experience Over a Degree?

It has become apparent to us in the last few years, that companies are starting to value work experience over university degrees, as one year of tech experience can arm candidates with more desirable skills then a degree spanning three or four years.

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Affecto Team Interviews: Meet Craig

This week is about Craig, our Bearded Op’s Manager. Best known for his extensive industry experience, his love of all things fun, his penchant for an alcoholic tipple or 3 but most of all for steering the good ship Affecto alongside Daniel.

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