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How to Grow Awareness for Your Brand

How to Grow Awareness for Your Brand


What is brand awareness?

  • Brand awareness refers to the level in which consumers interact and are aware of your brand and services. It’s also about the level to which people visually recognise your brand based on your logo. 

Why is brand awareness important?

  • Branding and growing awareness for your business is always important, and will significantly increase your sales, profits and custom. Growing your brand will gain your company a larger and more successful reputation which will attract more people.

Ways of Increasing Brand Awareness:


  • Marketing allows you to ensure your product is reaching the right audience, and spreads awareness of your brand on a wider and more professional level. 


  • No matter how you choose to brand, being able to measure engagement and impact is an important way to know whether your branding is working. 

Social Media

  • Use social media to advertise your brand at any opportunity. Linkedin, Facebook, Instagram are now the easiest ways to increase brand awareness, and will enable you to reach people from all working backgrounds.

Local Events

  • Hosting, or being involved in local events is a great way to get your name and brand out there. It’s a chance for the local community to get to know who you are and what you do. It also puts a face to the business which is an important way of branding yourselves. You don’t want to be robots behind a phone or screen, being able to meet people in person will help them remember the brand. Having an opportunity to meet people face to face, will really help people engage with your business. 

  • Remember that word and mouth is still one of the most simple but effective ways to spread awareness. Being present at local events is a great way to do this.

Targeting the Right Audience

  • It seems an obvious one, but it’s important, as you’re not going to gain anything from promoting your brand to the wrong people. This is why knowing your audience is vital when trying to increase brand awareness.


  • All the things detailed here are a form of advertising. But, there are some simple ways to get a brand logo and name spread around. Why not create pens, water bottles, lanyards, keyring etc anything that people can easily pick up and look into. These are surprisingly more effective than you would think. 

Have an image or symbol that represents you

  • Every company should have an image or symbol to represent themselves: the Nike tick, Mcdonalds ‘M’, Apple sign etc. When we see these images, we immediately know what they are referring to and what the company is all about. This is what you want to aim to do with your business. Your business may not be a global enterprise, but you want those in the industry to see your logo and know who you are.

Create a recognisable slogan

  • ‘Every Little Helps’, 'Taste the Rainbow’, ‘It’s finger lickin good’ - I’m assuming you know what brands these all refer to. This shows the success of their branding and how large their branding awareness is. Now, you don’t need everyone to know your slogan, but having one helps indicate the type of company you are and what you promote. 

Direct Traffic

  • Through blogs, emails, phone calls, advertisements it’s always good to direct people to social media pages and the website. This means people will get to know your brand and your values. It allows people to explore the company in their own time rather than being bombarded with information.


This list is of course not exhaustive, and there may be other things that are more suitable for your business. But, we hope we have given you some simple ideas for how you can successfully grow your brand awareness.


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