About Affecto

"Forged in Sheffield, we underpin the region's digital economy by delivering bespoke talent solutions in our trademark no nonsense, Yorkshire manner!"

At Affecto, relationships are the core of what we do and, despite operating within a sector seemingly obsessed with automation, we still believe that understanding people is the key to the success of our business.

That’s why, rather than spreading our resource thin by recruiting nationally, we focus on lasting partnerships with our clients but, perhaps most importantly, our candidates in OUR region. Afterall, even if we don’t know the right person immediately, there’s a great chance that someone we’ve already worked with does!

We’re very proud of the diversity of our client base, from innovative start-up and scale-up technology companies to international brands as well as more traditional organisations with a desire to better leverage tech.

It's these values that mean we approach recruitment slightly differently. Gone are the more conventional 360 Recruiters, replaced with a Delivery Team solely responsible for building relationships with the best technical talent and fully managing a variety of recruitment campaigns without the potential distraction of constantly winning new business.

All this means, we form an integral part of our region’s digital ecosystem! Yes we fill jobs, but a relationship with us is about so much more than that. You’d be surprised by how many of our candidates are connected to opportunities with organisations that never make it to the open market and that’s only possible if we understand both a business’ strategy and candidates career plan. 

So, whether you’re looking for talent or an individual searching for a specialist agency to align your career with, we don’t know anyone better….

Our Values

Our Values - Smile, Focus on the outcome, Own it, Think big. Move fast, Experience is everything, Celebrate the challenge, Winning is fun

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