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Affecto Team Interviews: Meet Will

We have a new team interview for you this week and it's all about our newest recruit & Client Relationship Manager Will Morgan. Welcome to the Team Will, it's wonderful to have you!

Can you give me a professional overview?

Before I joined the amazing team at Affecto, I worked for the Sheffield Chamber of Commerce for a few years doing sales and account management. I absolutely loved the role because I’m really passionate about local businesses. Before this, I was at Uni studying Politics - 3 years of rather dry lectures really killed my enthusiasm to become the next Boris…


Why did you join?

After almost 4 brilliant years at the Chamber I was on the lookout for a new challenge, I knew I wanted out of the 3rd sector and an opportunity to get stuck into something more commercial. 


What do you do?

So essentially, I build relationships with businesses. It’s that simple. 


To elaborate though, Affecto worked almost exclusively with software houses/tech companies and Dan and Craig realised they wanted to diversify and enter new markets. That’s where I come in, building bridges with businesses (mostly) outside of the tech space, and also outside of Sheffield geographically too (with a focus on Leeds and Nottingham).


Favourite Affecto Moment?

I’d either have to say going for a lunchtime pint two days on the trot in my first week (an office culture we can all get behind) or Craig’s competition to win a bottle of gin (and pride) where I wore a 3 piece suit and a Greggs bucket hat. 


Favourite Recruitment Moment?

So I’ve only been in recruitment for 8 weeks at this point, but I’ve already brought on a few amazing large manufacturing businesses as clients and had my first placement. Playing a part in marrying up a really solid business with an amazing new team member is a great feeling. 


Favourite Holiday Destination?

I’m a keen hiker/outdoor enthusiast so if it’s the UK I’d have to say the greenery and drizzle of the Lakes or Scotland, but if we’re talking abroad it’s got to be Greece for the warm sea, Alfa beer and gyros.  


Favourite Food?

I’d probably have to say something Japanese like a big bowl of super spicy steak ramen.


Favourite Beverage?

Beer! Decent imported lagers like Budvar or Asahi or basically any Real Ale are my favourite tipples


What professional advice would you give your younger self?

Work hard, be resilient and don’t worry about choosing the right path early on, you’ll definitely find it eventually!


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