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Is Recruitment For You?

When you think of Recruiters do you think shiny suits from Next, huge blingy watches and white 1 series BM's. A group of "them" celebrating at the nearest All Bar One discussing LOUDLY how much they've made this week with no care for client and candidate? We think this, as we've seen it, which ultimately gives Recruiters a bad rep, good recruiters exist and we're proud to say we have a team made up of them.

Here at Affecto, recruitment stereotypes are not our style. So, I asked Dan and Craig, who have a joint 30 years of experience in the industry, why they would recommend a career in recruitment.

Take a read to see if you think recruitment is for you.

Unlimited Earnings

No matter your starting salary, there is great earning potential which comes along with recruitment. Recruitment has great bonus schemes. For example, £30,000 a month sees you getting a £5000 bonus. Tell me, how many other industries can do this for you?

Constant Challenges

Recruitment is an ever-changing environment which creates new challenges from day to day. But, this is what keeps it fun and exciting.

Flex Your Communication Skills

Being a recruiter means you have to be a natural communicator, as you will have to communicate daily with the three Cs – Clients, Candidates and Colleagues. Whether it’s conducting a client meeting about a scaling plan, advising a candidate about their next steps in their career, liaising with colleagues about the next fun night out, being a recruiter means you have to be able to give advice, take direction, and offer your opinion.

Career Progression

You may notice that everyone always talks about recruitment in terms of billings alone, but here at Affecto we don’t focus only on billings but also on personality, personal achievements and goals, so we can create a bespoke career path for each person throughout their time here.

Expanding Networks

It’s a big wide world, with lots of different people to come across and speak to, and recruitment is an industry that allows you to do just that. Being a recruiter means you contact people you’re not familiar with, allowing you to build professional relationships in both a face to face and online environments. Having a network of people creates a more fluid working environment and means that no two days are the same.

Competitive Environment

Having a bit of competition makes the role exciting and is huge for motivation. We love a bit of friendly competition at Affecto, from who’s placed the most candidates this month, to who can eat the hottest hot sauce (and yes, this is an ongoing competition in the office). Friendly competition is something recruiters thrive off, and what makes the job more interesting.

Skill Acquisition

Whether you see recruitment as a two-year way of paying off debts or a long-term career you will acquire skills in: Account Management, Business Development, Entrepreneurship, Communication, Confidence, Time and Project Management, Persuasion, Resilience and Adaptability … and so much more.

Job Satisfaction

 In general, there are two types of recruiters: client focused, and candidate focused. Those who are client focused gain great satisfaction from being able to find their client the perfect person for their company. Those who are candidate focused aim to find them their dream role. But here at Affecto, we hope you’ll get satisfaction from doing both.

Ability to Control Your Day, Week, Month, Year

As a recruiter, you have a lot more independence than you would have in other careers. You have targets which are set, and instead of us telling you how it should be done, we advise you on how to obtain it, but ultimately allow you to find out for yourself. Being able to work independently means you will build a strong and trusting relationship with your team and managers, as they know they can rely on you. You will also have a great team around you for support and to work together when it’s necessary.

The Best Colleagues!

This is probably unique to us, as a lot of places treat recruitment as an individual sport, but here we work together, share clients and candidates, share earning potential and have the best working environment.

Last, but by no means least, by nature recruiters are generally talkative and outgoing, and will be a lot of fun to work with. It’s fun to work with similar minded people who like to work hard but have a laugh too.

This is Recruitment as we see it and feel it should be, if it's sparked an interest please reach out to Dan or Craig.








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