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Signs You Need a Holiday

Signs You Need a Holiday

Everyone needs some time off, a break away from the office and the computer. A break is anytime away when you’re not thinking about or doing any work, giving yourself some well-deserved ‘you time’. Now what are the signs that you’re mentally and physically tired from work and that you need a holiday?

Read until the end to check out how Team Affecto likes to spend their time off.

Has sleeping become a challenge?

Not sleeping well is generally a sign of stress and anxiety. Having a break from work and your everyday routine would do you the world of good, to ensure you have a good work/life balance.

Are you quick to anger?

Becoming irritable and negatively reacting to thing which would normally not both you - simple things like your computer being slow or someone using the last of the milk in the fridge. The positivity you usually come to work with may vanish and having a holiday could be the best way to sort out your mindset and get you back into work mode.

Are you making silly mistakes?

Frequent mistakes in your general working life can be an indication that you’re tired. This could be anything from spelling errors in your emails to losing track of what is going on, and where you should be with your work. Taking some time off will immediately improve your performance, memory and attention to detail.

Is work consuming your life?

I’m sure there have been times where you feel like your life revolves around work. This will most likely happen every now and then when important projects and deadlines are looming. But it becomes a constant pattern in your life and you’re spending more time doing or thinking about work than enjoying yourself and taking your evenings and weekends off, then you need to have a well-earned rest away from it all to break the cycle.

Have you lost your motivation?

You should come to work with enthusiasm and a positive attitude, and when you feel that you lack motivation for your role, then you need to question why. One of the most common reasons will be exhaustion and the need to occupy your brain with something other than emails and work. Out of work hours all you think about is work, but when you’re in the office your mind wanders to anything but the task at hand. This is an indication that you’re just exhausted.

Now you know the signs of needing a holiday from work, check out how Team Affecto likes to switch off and relax in their time off from work.


‘Spending time with the kids, doesn’t matter where. Oh, and doing some miles on the motorbike’


‘For me Salcombe with a whiskey overlooking the estuary and out to the sea’


‘I love to be by the sea, I find it calming! Normally, I’d say abroad, somewhere warm, but I braved the sea in Cornwall this year…loads of fun (not quite as calming)’


‘Sat on a balcony looking out to sea watching the sunset with a cold beer’


‘Going on a nice spa break or up to the Lake District’


‘Meandering cobbled streets in the sun and stopping off at old fashioned cafes (pubs)’


'Going for an afternoon walk (preferably in the sunshine), then ending up in the pub for a pint and a bag of crisps.'

This is how Team Affecto likes to spend their time off, what’s your favourite way?

Stay Safe,

Team Affecto.



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