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Candidate - Product Manager, Sheffield

"After being introduced to Daniel by a trusted ex-colleague, he impressed me with his professionalism, attention to detail and friendliness, but you'd expect that from a recruiter. What you get with Daniel that you may not expect is how he spends time and effort getting to know you, your skills, what you actually WANT to do (whether that's where you are now or not) and then goes out and uses his contacts, his knowledge and his personality to engage with people and find the right role in the right company.

My career trajectory has been atypical, and whilst that normally puts recruiters off it seemed only to make Daniel more determined to find the exact right role for me. He did just that and I couldn't be happier. During my search, interview process and even once my role was secured he followed up regularly to make sure I was happy and everything was proceeding.

I can't recommend him highly enough as a professional, and on top of that he's just really nice, easy to get along with and fun to talk to. He's the only recruiter I answer the phone to straight away and if all recruiters were like him maybe the industry wouldn't be so maligned!"

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Candidate - DevOps Engineer, South Yorkshire

I have been looking for the right role for some time, sadly most recruiters are all the same - just want to get your CV over and forget about you.

Amber is very different, she made me feel very welcome, and supported me through the whole interview process, and although I was not successful, she gave clear and honest advice. I can not recommend her enough!

I have been approached by a vast number of recruiters over a period of months (I usually get ~4 calls per day), and including Amber there is only a small decreasing number of recruiters that will now deal with.

Thank you for all your help, and keep up the great work!

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Client - Founder, Fast growth tech start-up

"Affecto are the only external recruiter that I have had any success with over the past years of building a tech startup in Sheffield.

Once we started working with the team, we just stopped talking to any other recruiters. In an industry with more than its fair share of short-term, high-pressure salespeople, Affecto stand out because their team invests the time in your business to learn exactly what kind of culture you are building and what kind of people you are looking for.

Highly recommended."

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Client - Director, Technology Scale Up, West Yorkshire

Sector: Software Engineer

Solution: Retained project to build development and test team

“Hi Mark,

I wanted to thank you and your team for the support you gave us recently. We appreciated your help in defining the type of person we would need, to fill the gaps in our team, and the knowledge you bought in relation to job roles and expected salaries. I don’t think any of our team were expecting to sign off the order with you and have people sitting at desks in such a short time.

All but one of the people you sent to us were recruited, we couldn’t take them all, but that was a result of how well the applicants were vetted by you.

We hope to continue to grow our team and look forward to working with you again”

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Candidate - Java Developer, West Yorkshire

"I’d just like to say that’s it’s been a pleasure to work with you on this, Amber, over the last few weeks.

Even if the result had been different, this would still have been the case, but, as it is, so much the better! Please say thanks to Lizzy as well, for talking with me in the first instance.

To become a Java Developer is an ambition that I have quietly, and determinedly, aimed at achieving, over many years of studying hard with the OU while working as well, so to actualise this (and for such a rewarding company) is very satisfying. This is something that you were quick to pick up on when we first spoke"

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Candidate - Php Developer, Doncaster

"Affecto came highly recommended as a local specialist for software development recruitment. I enjoyed working with Amber and would definitely contact her again when I am looking for a change in the future."

Candidate - Infrastructure Engineer

"After a successful stint in academia, I was looking to venture back into industry into a role that was a good fit for my technical interests + future growth.

Affecto were the first port of call after hearing of them through a local meet-up event and visiting their website. The C.V was uploaded and within hours I got a call from Dan who expertly sought out and put me forward for roles of interest that he thought would be a neat fit.
The first company I interviewed for offered me a wonderful opportunity which I didn't hesitate to accept.

Thanks Dan + Affecto!

They are highly recommended."

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Candidate - Senior PHP Developer

Sector: Software Engineer

“Affecto didn't just match my CV to a job based on skills vs requirements, they matched me as a person to the right role with the right employer.

Daniel and the team took a very personal approach that is above and beyond what I've experienced with other agencies. Thanks to everyone involved.”

Client - Founder, The Curve, Sheffield

I have now been working with Daniel for over 7 years and Affecto since its inception. Daniel is my "go to" person when it comes to recruitment around Sheffield and South Yorkshire. Since starting my consultancy business, I have worked with a number of clients to fill strategic roles and in collaboration with Daniel we always found the right candidate.

Unlike many recruiters and agencies, Dan and his team take time to understand the role, the requirements, the client and the candidate(s) which results in a high level of quality of candidates presented.

I would (and do) highly recommend Daniel and Affecto to anyone looking for candidates in the Tech space and be sure to give the right amount of time to brief the role, the more effort put in upfront the better the results, and in turn this leads to an excellent ongoing relationship and continued success.

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Candidate - Candidate - PHP Developer, Sheffield

Emma at Affecto has been amazing at getting me a new role. Not only did she find me a new role with a quick turn around, but she was also able to find me this position during a global pandemic!

We have had numerous conversations regarding various roles that were suitable and available at this time and discussed what is important to me about my next role. Emma has been continuously in contact to ensure that I was prepared for interviews, giving me advise and offering support.

The service that I have received from Affecto has been excellent. Emma was extremely friendly and supportive and I would not hesitate to recommend them.

Thank you Emma and Affecto for helping me find my new role!

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