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Candidate - CTO, Scale-Up Software House, Sheffield

As an experienced leader within technology, truly exciting opportunities are quite hard to come by, especially in South Yorkshire!. However, Daniel approached me about one such opportunity with an organisation looking to scale and right from the original call, I was very intrigued.

The business obviously held Daniel in very esteem and trusted his judgment in what was the most important hiring decision to date. The role evolved several times during the process (as these types of opportunities tend to do) but Daniel was always objective, informative and a guiding hand throughout.

Unusually, I found each stage of the process productive and informative and Daniel a pleasure to work with.

I would recommend anyone of a senior level within technology have Daniel in their contact book as Affecto Search certainly have their finger on the pulse when it comes to the region's marketplace.

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Candidate - Software Engineer, Sheffield

“During my last year of University I was contacted by Affecto.

At the time I was looking for a graduate job which I would really enjoy and find fulfilling. I received a job recommendation from Daniel which he had matched against my interest in data.

He was very passionate about finding the right role for me and checked in with me throughout the process.Thanks to Daniel and his team, I am now working in an incredibly interesting and fulfilling role which matches my interests.

Affecto are highly passionate not only about recruitment, but about finding the correct role and I would highly recommend them.”

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Candidate - Software Tester, South Yorkshire

Affecto Recruitment helped me with my search for the next job in my career. 

After a conversation about the type of work I was looking for and where I wanted to go within my career, they matched me with two excellent opportunities. 

Both positions matched nearly every everything I was looking for in my next career move and I am very excited to start with my new employer. 

Affecto provided an excellent service and they are very good at working around your work hours, which was of a particular benefit to me. 

I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them to anyone!

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Candidate - Senior Software Tester, South Yorkshire

"I came into contact with Daniel and Affecto during my recent job search.

Daniel discussed with me what my skills and strengths were, and the type of role I was looking for and advised me of a job role which would suit me.

He provided in-depth detail of the company and secured me a job interview. He talked me through the recruitment process and prepared me for what to expect.

Due to his close connection with the company, he even met me at the company prior to my interview, which I appreciated. I secured the job role, and Daniel has continued to keep in contact with me.

Daniel is professional at all times, and extremely friendly and approachable. I would like to thank Daniel for making it possible and would highly recommend Affecto to anyone."

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Candidate - Senior QA Engineer, South Yorkshire

"After working for an employer for a long period of time I had moved jobs twice in quick succession because I didn't really fit the roles that I had moved to and was looking for something different.

Unlike other agents I had used previously, Daniel made sure that he got to know exactly what I was looking for before recommending jobs for me and placed me in a role that was more suitable to my skills at the first attempt.

I would like to thank Daniel for making that possible and would recommend Affecto to anyone."

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Candidate - Data Scientist, South Yorkshire

"When looking to transition from academia to industry I was confronted by a barrage of recruiters, each looking to shoehorn me into a position that was not right for me.

Affecto were the exception to this rule, and instead the team concentrated on understanding what I believed was the type of role that would best suit me and my skill-set. Working with Affecto I was able to secure an offer for the first position I interviewed for, and the role is a perfect fit.

The whole team were extremely helpful, but Daniel in particular was instrumental in liaising between me and my then prospective employer to ultimately secure my position. I recommend Affecto wholeheartedly."

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Candidate - Engineering Manager, Sheffield

"All the folk at Affecto were really helpful in finding me the perfect job. They go above and beyond what is usually expected from a recruiter and really do act with everyone's best interests in focus.

They were really careful to interview me and check I was a good fit for the role before putting me forward, and were very proactive in following up at every stage of the interview process. I highly recommend Affecto as an agency"

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Candidate - Software Engineer, Sheffield

"Three years into my first job I knew it was time to move on. I was worried - I had little experience with the job search process and it was a little overwhelming.

Fortunately for me, a friend of mine referred Affecto to me and, from the get go, I was taken care of.

Daniel worked with me for over a month and was nothing but knowledgable, helpful, and supportive the entire time.

I landed a job I'm very happy with and I wouldn't be here without his help."

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Candidate - Infrastructure Engineer

"After a successful spree in academia I was looking to venture back into industry into a role that was a good fit for my technical interests + future growth.

Affecto were the first port of call after hearing of them through a local meet-up event and visiting their website.
The C.V was uploaded and within hours I got a call from Dan who expertly sought out and put me forward for roles of interest that he thought would be a neat fit.
The first company I interviewed for offered me a wonderful opportunity which I didn't hesitate to accept.

Thanks Dan + Affecto!"

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Candidate - Senior Software Engineer

"Working with Affecto, I have been able to move my career into different technologies, something that I had been keen to do for a number of years.

They understood my aims and was able to arrange opportunities at a variety of relevant local businesses. He listened to any feedback I gave and was soon able to put me in touch with an excellent company that I am happy to now be working for. As a bonus, I am working with Affecto again because they are helping my new employer to recruit into new positions!

I have been very impressed with everyone that I have come into contact with at Affecto."

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