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Why is Candidate Care so Important?

Why is Candidate Care so Important?

Candidate care is an essential part of every recruitment business. You want people walking away with a positive and happy experience, which they can relay to other people. How you treat your candidates is important from the first time you’re in contact with them, as first impressions always count. If a candidate has a poor experience, it’s likely they’ll refuse a role offered as a result of the companies help.

A LinkedIn article by Sooz Kinsella claims that candidate engagement covers, Motivation, Consideration, Conversing and Care. Remember that you shape your candidates’ journey and that every candidate whether they’re successful or not should be given the same attention and care.

Good Communication

Good communication is vital for affective candidate care. Regular communication allows you to easily contact a candidate if a suitable role becomes available. It also allows you to keep up to date with candidates, and their working lives. There is not much point approaching candidates who have told you they’re happy and settled in their role. Staying in contact also creates a supportive image for your company and shows candidates they can reach out to you for support and help whenever they need it.

A great way to build trust in the beginning is to meet candidates face to face, however we know with Covid and companies working on a wider geographical scale, this isn’t always a viable solution. Therefore, keeping in regular contact with emails, phone calls and video calls will help build a bond between you and your candidates. Engaging with candidates in this way will also show your clients that you pride yourself in good candidate care and putting forward qualified and acceptable people.

Helping With the Interview Process

Once a candidate secures an interview, your support and guidance are important. You want to advise them on who they’re meeting, when and where they need to be, what they should wear and what to expect from the interview itself. Once the interview is complete, it’s always a good idea to relay feedback to your candidate, especially if they don’t get the role. Constructive criticism is the best way for a candidate to grow and learn for the future.

You Never Know What the Future Holds

You never know where your candidates will end up. In the future they could become your clients. Therefore, you want them to have fond memories of the company, who provided the best service to all candidates. You of course want to have a good reputation, where people speak highly of your care and compassion for candidates throughout their journey, and even once they're in the role.

Make it known to candidates that they’re welcome to contact you in the future, and you'll be more than willing to help in anyway you can.

Job Advertising

Job adverts should be true to the job description, as you don’t want people applying who think they have the qualifications when they don’t. Equally, you don’t want to under play the amount of work involved in a role. These will both lead to poor candidate experiences, as candidates cannot trust that the information you publish is correct or reliable.

After Placement

Once a candidate has been placed, try your best to check in with them every now and then to see how they’re getting on. If they have questions or doubts, then they have a chance to express them to you. It also shows you don’t care about just placing your candidates, but you care about their personal welfare and wellbeing in their new role as well.

Finally, candidate care is one of the most important aspects of being a successful recruiter. Our treatment of candidates determines everything from the length of their placements to the success of our own companies. Work hard to make sure your companie's candidate care is up to scratch, and the best it could possibly be.

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