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Why are Companies Wanting Tech Experience Over a Degree?

Why are Companies Wanting Tech Experience Over a Degree?

It has become apparent to us in the last few years, that companies are starting to value work experience over university degrees, as one year of tech experience can arm candidates with more desirable skills then a degree spanning three or four years.

We are by no means saying that university degrees are pointless as university provides candidates with academic skills and the ability to be completely independent in a new living environment. However, universities generally don’t give candidates office experience or training. Actual tech experience and doing a tech degree are very different and will therefore provide candidates with different skills.

Why is ‘real world’ experience more valuable?

One of the main differences between having a university degree and doing tech work experience is the way you are assessed. At university, students are given assignments, where the topic, question and requirements remain the same throughout. However, as you will be well aware in the real world this is not the case, job objectives and aims change throughout the process, clients will easily and frequently change their minds about what they want. Adaptability is key!

University provides a sheltered environment, where students can redo and re-take to ensure they pass and meet the required standard. University doesn’t generally expose students to everyday problems related to office life, clients or the reputation of a business. This is partly why employers are seeking out candidates with some sort of work experience, it allows them to find people who can handle everyday problems and don’t rely on the ability to re-take. As in the real world, if you fail it could lead to losing a client, income or even your job.

Making the most of a degree

Don’t be put off doing a university degree, they are still amazing opportunities, and you will equally learn educational and life skills which will be extremely beneficial for the future. But, be realistic and take some time to think about how you can get the most out of your degree, and what extra jobs or schemes you can do to make yourself more employable by the end of it. One of the best things is to choose a degree which allows you to do a year in industry, so you don’t only have a degree but some tech experience too.

If you can’t do a year in industry, perhaps look for holiday work or a summer job related to technology to gain more experience, expertise and some money as well. Professionals will look fondly on work like this, as it shows a passion and your personal dedication to the industry.

Improving your skills

Additionally, one of the benefits with the tech industry is you can teach yourself and can even outperform candidates who are already in the business. The ability to practise at home allows you to constantly be improving your skills and abilities. We recommend using online tutorials, training manuals, integrating yourself in the IT community and maybe even setting yourself a project of your own to try. There are plenty of resources at your fingertips, so don’t waste the opportunity!


We have hopefully shown that not everyone has to have a degree to be able to succeed in the tech business and  there are many paths into the industry, you just have to figure the out the best route for you. But, the one bit of advice we would pass on is, try get yourself some tech experience so your employers know you are willing to put in the effort required to succeed in this industry.


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