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What Are The Most Common CV Mistakes Which You Should Avoid?

What Are The Most Common CV Mistakes Which You Should Avoid?

Spelling and grammatical errors

  • Check, check and check again when it comes to your CV because spelling and grammatical errors are generally always there no matter how confident you are. Grammatical errors imply that you don’t take time over things, and that you don’t care to present yourself properly. Many employers will discard your CV at the first sign of any spelling or grammatical errors.
  • When it comes to proof reading, I find it easiest to print out the document and go through it away from a computer screen. I find it allows you to focus on your document in a different way and see it in an alternative light.

Exaggerating the truth

  • It’s imperative you put YOUR skills on your CV, as your employers will expect you to be able to complete the skills listed and will most likely as you about them in an interview situation. Don’t lie or pretend you have skills you don’t. It’s not a smart move, as they will be able to tell if you’re not telling them the truth.


  • You want to format your CV properly, so it’s clear and easy to read. Remember, possible employers look at your CV for approx. 7 second, so present yourself well in the first few lines.
  • The length of your CV is also important, if it’s too long people simply won’t read it. Equally, if it’s too short employers will question the experience and skills you actually have.

Unoriginal CVs

  • Most CVs are very generic and unoriginal. Therefore, you want to make your CV stand out from the crowd, and clearly label your strength and their connection to the role in question.
  • Be specific with details, so employers understand what you’ve done and achieved, and how it can aid you now.
  • Make sure your CV is changed to suit the role you are applying for, and make sure you tailor your skills to paint you in the best light for the role.


  • Photos are generally a no, as the majority of employers prefer CV without a picture.

Contact information

  • Always double check your contact information, because if its wrong they will not be able to contact you even if you’re the perfect candidate.  
  • Try to make sure your email address is something professional.

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