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The Best Questions to Ask in an Interview

The Best Questions to Ask in an Interview

You’ve done it, completed the interview, and then they ask ‘Do you have any questions?’ It’s always good to have a few questions up your sleeve and ready to go for when they inevitably ask.

You should always try and ask questions, as it's a great way to show your enthusiasm for the role, and your eagerness to find out more about the company and people who work there. It’s also a way for you to assess whether it’s a position and environment you'd be comfortable in.

There are so many different things you could ask your interviewer, but we have suggested a few, and more specifically what you gain by asking them.

Is there anything within my CV or qualifications you’d like me to clarify?

  • Asking this before you ask questions about the role or company allows you to clarify something they missed, and gives you an opportunity to answer something again with more clarity.

What could I do to impress you in the first few months? What attributes would you expect someone in this role to have?

  • This gives you an insight into the type of person they are looking for, and is something you should take on board and remember for if you’re successful. They’ll be impressed by your ability to remember and act on what they said.

What opportunities do you have for training and progression within the company?

  • This tells you about how the company cares for its employees, and also how easy it'll be to progress within the company and role you’re applying for.

What would the role look like from day to day?

  • This again shows immediate interest about the role, allowing you to see exactly what they expect from you. You then have time to decide whether it's something you’d like to take on.

What is the company culture like?

  • This gives a more birds eye view of the company as a whole, and the happiness of the employees. Their answer should give you a true feel for company.

Could you give me some more information about the team I would be working with? How many people work in the office/team?

  • This gives you some information about your team, and shows an interest about who you will report to.

What are some of the most imminent projects I would be working on?

  • This gives you an idea of the type of work and projects you'll be assigned, and expands your knowledge on what the role contains. It also gives you the opportunity to see if it's the kind of work you could see yourself doing everyday.

Is this a new role which has been created?

  • If they say no, then this allows you to ask why the person left. It could be due to promotion or a number of other reasons, but it’s useful information to find out why, so you are fully aware of the facts.
  • If it is a new role, this may allow you more freedom to make it your own.

What are the biggest challenges with this role?

  • Remember there'll always be challenges. So, if the interviewer says that there are none, think carefully about this and why they've said it.

How would you describe the company values?

  • This allows you to get to understand the company slightly more before the possibility of taking the role. It also allows you to develop an understanding of how the company works, and gives you a chance to decide if it's a company and role you’d be happy to work in.

What do you most like about working here?

  • Interviewers may like this question, as they would rarely be asked about themselves and shows your interest in not only the role and business but the people too. It also creates more a of a friendly environment, as your interview should feel more like a normal conversation than an interrogation. 

Is there anything we haven’t discussed that you think is important about working here?

  • This is a great way of bringing the question section to a close. It allows the interviewer to share their opinion, and maybe even answer things you hadn’t thought about asking.

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