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How to Motivate Your Team

How to Motivate Your Team

Team motivation is very important as it’s detrimental to the success and production of the company. Having happy and motivated employees will ensure a healthy and productive working environment for both office and remote recruits.

We have out together some simple ways for you to help boost motivation and team spirit in the workplace.


Recognition is an important way to boost motivation, it shows your employees you’re thankful for the work they do and the effort they put in. Even though your employees are doing their job, showing appreciation will encourage them to work hard, as their efforts and worth are being acknowledged. Showing appreciation elevates people’s mood, and releases happy chemicals in the brain. It also shows the office and the senior team in a positive light and demonstrated the company as a safe and calm environment to work and grow.

Company Culture

Having a fun and positive company culture is a great way to create a unified and motivated team. Your company values should be at the heart of your company culture. Aim to ensure all recruits who work both remotely and in the office are able to access and feel the company culture in some way. Maybe take the culture out of the office and go for out of office drinks or dinner etc to make sure everyone can be included.

Personal Goals

Taking the time to talk each recruit about their personal goals shows you care about their individual progression and skills. This will push people to be successful and aim high. Personal check-ins shows that you appreciate each member of the team for their hard work and dedication and want them to succeed within the company.

Heavy Workloads

You don’t want your team to feel overwhelmed by their workload and projects. Show them they have support and help on hand.

Why not try having brainstorm meetings with all colleagues once a week or month, so you can learn from each other. This will also boost communication between staff and create a bond between the team. Communication is key!


Let’s be honest no matter your age, everybody loves a reward. Rewards are one of the best forms of motivation, and can be tailored to a person or group (after work drinks, a day out, a day off, dinner out etc.) After Covid, people need encouragement more than ever, so don’t be stingy on rewarding people.  


A little healthy competition helps build spirits and a fun office environment. You could make the competition work related, or even something as silly as who can drink the most water or do the most steps in a day. Try and get everyone involved, as a little competitive spirit is a great way to build trusting relationships within the team.

Give Them Space.

Workers will appreciate your support, but not being micromanaged. Let your team work together and do things for themselves, in their own way. You want your team to feel challenged but have the ability and skills to be independent. Autonomy is key, let your employees to feel in control of the work they are there to do.


Aim to keep your office space an inspiring and light-hearted environment. Offices can often become serious and tense, so try to brighten the mood every now and then. Try some music, or a tea and cake break – Food is always great! Keeping a fun and upbeat office environment will really boost the mood and motivation of the office.

Handling Failure

Be honest and transparent with employees, if something is wrong tell them. But try to be encouraging and constructive. Allow your employees a chance to learn and adapt from their mistakes. Punishing, telling off or embarrassing a person is not the way to handle mistakes or failures. Be fair and help them develop for the future.


We hope there are some useful tips here to help keep your staff motivated and ready to work.

Stay Safe,

Team Affecto.




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