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How to Have a Less Manic Monday

How to Have a Less Manic Monday

There are multiple reasons why people hate Mondays, from not enjoying their job to not wanting to get out of bed early. This blog will hopefully give you some useful hints and tips on how to avoid ‘just another manic Monday’ as The Bangles say.

Plan Your Next Week

One of the best ways to avoid manic Mondays is by spending a little time planning your coming week. This could be on Sunday evening to get your head in the game for the week, or on a Friday if you want a completely work free weekend. This means you have a clear plan of when and how you’re going to do things and means you don’t have to go to bed stressing about it all. You could create a weekly to do list, which will help you decompartmentalise the week and the tasks you have ahead.

Equally, saying no to extra or too much work is not an issue, and actually shows good personal restraint and understanding. Most people would admire your ability to say no, then for you to half-heartedly complete more tasks just to get them done.

Have an Early Night

As silly as it sounds, having a relaxing Sunday evening and an early night is a great way to start the week and will make you feel extremely refreshed for the morning and the week.

Take Time Out

Remember to take time out before the week commences. Self-care, seeing family and friends, fun nights out, anything which allows you to completely switch off from work and let your hair down

Don’t Let Emails Dominate You

Try not to let emails dominate your work on a Monday, give yourself an allotted amount of time to respond, the rest can wait while you complete other tasks. Get ahead with other tasks and projects instead.

Up and Out

Getting up and out early may benefit your Monday mood, it gives you a chance to get into the office before others do, for a few hours of peace and quiet. Or, to make a nice breakfast, so you feel good, or a point to do some exercise before the day starts. However, you choose to fill your time, getting up early before work will help lift your mood and productivity throughout the day.

Prepare Your Food

Preparing lunch for the next day seems like a small task until you have to scrap around to get it done quickly in amongst breakfast, showering and getting ready for another week. Make your lunch easy to grab and go for an easy morning.

Monday Evening

If you struggle to get through Monday’s, why not plan something fun for the evening so you have something to look forward to throughout the day. Equally, if Monday evening is not an option, why not meet up with a friend or colleague at lunchtime to break up the day?

Mondays don’t have to be and shouldn’t be manic. Try doing some of these for one week, and see if your feelings for Monday’s changes


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