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How to Cope When You Feel Overwhelmed at Work

How to Cope When You Feel Overwhelmed at Work

What Can Cause You to Feel Overwhelmed at Work?

Everyone is different, so what overwhelms you will be individual to you. However, the most common reasons are:

  • A lot of work to complete at once.
  • A big project or presentation.
  • The struggle to juggle both work and personal lives.
  • Not fully understanding a task or what you must do.
  • Not getting enough sleep, which can then be exacerbated by feeling overwhelmed.

It’s important to find your triggers and what makes you feel overwhelmed, so you can tackle the problem.

How Can You Tell if You’re Overwhelmed by Work?

There are generally a few signs that you’re overwhelmed by work:

  • You can’t concentrate.
  • Difficulty sleeping - lying awake worrying about work.
  • Finding it hard to eat - stress can dampen your appetite.
  • Feeling ill on a regular basis – this can be a symptom of stress.
  • Struggling to complete simple tasks throughout the day.

This is obviously not an exhaustive list, and it will differ for each person, these however will be the most common signs that you’re feel swamped.

How to Feel Less Overwhelmed by Work

  • Create a to do list and a weekly schedule

This means that you have clearly mapped out your week and know exactly what you have to do. Otherwise, feelings of stress can creep in if you constantly feel like you’re forgetting to do something, or don’t have enough time to fit everything in.

  • Ask for help and support when you need it

Always ask for help, don’t suffer in silence! Speak to a colleague, the senior leadership or a friend or family member. Speaking to someone may make you feel less burdened and is a get way to relieve stress.

Equally, when you complete a task, or project why not ask for feedback so you can see your strengths and where you could improve for the future. This will give you a boost to show you can do it and allows some constructive criticism which you should always see as a good thing.

  • Say no

You need to be honest about the amount of work you can handle, and not to be afraid to say no to additional tasks. Most people in your team will appreciate your honesty, then you half-heartedly trying to finish everything which leads to you getting very stressed out.

Many people are too scared to approach their boss about their workload, worried about their response. But it’s important that you do tell your boss, as it may impact your performance, and in general, most people would want to help you and relieve your stress.

  • Take a break or go for a walk

If you begin to feel overly stressed while at work, take 5 mins to go for a walk or have a break away from your desk and computer. Additionally, make sure you take your full lunch hour away from work.

You need to set boundaries for yourself, and make sure you rest in the evening and on the weekends to ensure you have a break away from work to be able to wind-down and re-charge for the next day.

One last thing, think about your role and your company, and why you chose to work there, and the importance of your job to the team and the company. Make yourself goals to aspire towards and aim to stay focused trying to achieve them.


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