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How Can Small Businesses Compete for Talent Against Bigger Tech Companies

How Can Small Businesses Compete for Talent Against Bigger Tech Companies?

As the technology industry has developed and grown, the competition for the best candidates has become more intense. Therefore, it’s vital your business stands out from the rest, offering something the others can’t match. We understand how competing against tech giants can be a daunting prospect, so we wanted to give you some advice to make promoting your business less scary and more rewarding.

Yes, it’s undeniable that a hefty salary is attractive to a lot of candidates, but nowadays, money isn’t always the first thing recruits look for. They look for the strengths of the business and what it will offer which is different to the rest. Remember, competing for tech talent is not always about money so promoting your business honestly and in the best light possible will help you attract more candidates.

Building your Brand

Business branding is crucial in ensuring you have a recognisable business, which entices people to find out more about you and the work you do. When branding your business try to embody your core values, making them known to people looking at your website or social media pages. Your reputation in the industry will help your business branding, so making a mark is important. You want people to feel familiar with your brand and what you represent as a company.

Make it clear what size business you are, as it’s known that smaller businesses tend to have a more friendly inclusive atmosphere, where each person has a specific role which impacts the future of the company more directly. Furthermore, building your brand is about being flexible and resilient and facing the challenges your employees put in front of you. Making all of this information clear and easily accessible will enable the reputation of your business to grow.

Building your Reputation

Your industrial credibility and reputation represent who you are and your success as a company. Remember, candidates are more likely to trust comments made by your own staff members. So, you want your current and past employees to speak highly of the company, the values, the team and the working environment.

Additionally, allow your current team to recommend people they feel would be suited for a particular role. This uses initiative and means the candidate may already value the company highly. It’s a way of growing and extending your business and the people you employ.

Encourage your team to share their experiences and participation in the company on social media. It’s all about building a credible reputation, and employees experiences are a great way to do that. It allows your staff to express how they feel and allows everyone to feel more united.

Employee-Centric Culture

What’s an employee centric culture? It’s an employee first idea, where your teams thoughts and feelings are taken into account and acted on. Employees want to be flexible, working in a way which suits them. As an employer take their individual needs and wants into account to get the best out of them.

Here are some tips to make your office a motivating and enjoyable environment:

  • Encourage a working environment, promoting your team’s fitness and wellbeing. This shows your staff you care about them individually and not just for the job they do.
  • Allow your staff to set up their own schedules. This makes them feel more in control and means they will generally be more productive.
  • Be open minded when recruiting and recruit candidates of all ages. Don’t be afraid to recruit older applicants. Remember they have experience and knowledge which is generally harder to find in younger people.
  • Make sure you and your team are on the same page and have the same business goals and aspirations.
  • Celebrate success! Show you appreciate and acknowledge individual achievements to keep employee morale high.

Today, there is so much more to a job than the salary, so promoting your company in the most positive way possible will automatically help you compete for talent against larger more profound companies.



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