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Affecto Team Interviews: Meet Natalie

First up in the series of interviews of our Affectoites is the lovely, kind, nice (all her own words) Natalie Salvato :-). She has graced Team Affecto for just over a year after we took her out of a very successful career within Commercial Recruitment in order for us to show her the light of IT & Technology Recruitment. Little did we know at that time that Natalie was part of a package deal to include Daniel’s long term friend and Natalie's previous General Manager Craig Barnes, but more about him another time.

Can you give me a professional overview?

I started out in temp recruitment and after a couple of years I moved over to perm. My background is mainly in commercial but made the move over to Tech when I joined Affecto. 

Why did you join?

I worked with Craig for a couple of years prior to joining Affecto and after hearing quite a few stories about Daniel we met him for a beer after work and got on really well. When I decided to look for a new position I got in touch with Daniel and after a mere 3 hour conversation; Daniel missing his footy game and me having around 20 missed calls, we decided it would be a good fit.

What do you do?

As Delivery Consultant, I look after our candidate relationships and account manage existing clients.

Favourite Affecto Moment?

When Craig joined 2 weeks after me - Craig made me put this!

Favourite Recruitment Moment?

It has always been making offers, after all the prep and nerves/excitement candidates go though, it’s a great call to make!

Favourite Holiday Destination?

Anywhere that’s sunny in January. I usually like to go away for some winter sun at the start of the year to escape the cold and post-Christmas blues!

Favourite Food?

My Dad is Italian and an amazing cook, my favourite meal of all time has to be his pasta al forno with meatballs – always a treat! 

Favourite Beverage?

A lovely heavy red wine with good legs is my favourite for most occasions but I do also love an IPA in the sun.

What professional advice would you give your younger self?

Don’t be afraid to be yourself at work! You can do this and be professional at the same time – something I’ve learnt from the wonderfully weird people I’ve worked with over the last 4/5 years. Or maybe that’s just recruitment?

Now you know a little more about our fabulous Delivery Consultant Natalie why not get in touch with her at or call her on 07548 223457 to learn about our current opportunities?

Stay safe,

Team Affecto



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