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Affecto Team Interviews: Meet Maddy

This week’s interview is about our newest recruit and Office Co-Ordinator Maddy.

Can you give me an overview?

I am currently studying History at the University of Sheffield. I am in my second year and love Uni life, despite Covid-19 making it a rather different experience. Sheffield is a wonderful city and one I am really enjoying getting to know and explore.

Why did you join?

I joined Affecto part-time to gain experience with a well-established business. Working at Affecto also complements my studies at University and is helping me to develop and establish new skills and office experience.

What do you do?

I am Office Co-Ordinator, so I run the social media pages, write weekly blog articles and help with general office admin.

Favourite Affecto Moment?

Getting some good feedback on my Affecto blog. When COVID-19 permits, I am looking forward to creating more ‘favourite’ Affecto moments when I get to meet the whole Affecto team in person.

Favourite Holiday Destination?

Definitely Chamonix in the French Alps. I have been going since I was 3 and it’s my ‘go-to’ holiday destination. I love the mountains, walking in the summer but most of all the skiing in the winter.

Favourite Food?

My favourite food has got to be the good old Sunday roast. Although, as a student my Sunday roast is generally substituted for a cheese toasty!

Favourite Beverage?

I really enjoy going out for cocktails, so can’t wait for the bars and pubs to open again!




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