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7 Ways to Stay Warm at Work

7 Ways to Stay Warm at Work

With the weather closing in and becoming colder and more miserable, I thought this would be a fitting time to share this blog with you.

I am always cold in the office, so thought I'd share some ways to stay warm.


Obvious, I know. I’m assuming most of you have the heating on and aren’t just sat there in the cold.

I’m hoping there isn’t the same battle with the heating that most of us have in the summer with the aircon – you all know what I’m talking about.

Warm coats

This is an essential especially for this time of year. When I first moved up north to Sheffield, much to my housemate’s amusement, I only brought a denim jacket with me and though that was sufficient. I quickly learnt otherwise and two years later I don’t go anywhere (including the office) without my bright pink puffer coat.

A hot drink

A hot drink is a great way to stay warm, and a great chance to have a short break from working too.

I personally believe though, cold or not, any excuse for a cuppa, am I right?

Get your heart pumping

Does your office have stairs? Yes, run up and down them a few times to get the blood flowing. No, don’t panic, how about some star jumps or high knees on the spot instead? This would both get you warm and be amusing for your colleagues at the same time.

Bring a blanket

Nice idea, and quite practical too, you’re warm and can work. If you don’t have a blanket, try a scarf or coat they work just as well.

Hand warmers

Working in an office, and most likely on computers all day means that your hands and fingers are very important, and you don’t want them to get cold. Get yourself some gloves and hand warmers, and you will instantly begin to feel warm and ready to work.


Slippers may not be office attire, but slip them on under your desk, and no one will know. There is nothing worse than cold feet. Did you know you can get heated ones too? They will be on my Christmas list this year!


We hope this has helped you stay warm in the office this winter.


Stay safe and warm,

Team Affecto.



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