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US orders purge of Kaspersky software amid Russian espionage fears

The US government is making a move towards banning the use of Russian security software brand, Kaspersky Lab Software by federal agencies.

Acting homeland security secretary Elaine Duke ordered that civilian agencies identify Kaspersky lab software on their networks and after 90 days, they must remove the software on the grounds that the company has connections to the Russian government and its software therefore poses a security risk.  

The decision comes months after the federal General Services Administration removed Kaspersky from its list of approved vendors suggesting a vulnerability exists with Kaspersky that could give the Kremlin backdoor access to the systems the company protects.

However, Kaspersky said it: "doesn't have inappropriate ties with any government, which is why no credible evidence has been presented publicly by anyone or any organization to back up the false allegations made against the company."

The company has been given 90 days to mitigate the concerns.

While some businesses are suggesting consumers uninstall Kaspersky software to avoid any potential risks, Kaspersky’s UK and European distributer Nuvias claims no reluctance in using Kaspersky has been identified in the UK.

Nuvias claims the ban by the US is solely political and represents no risk to UK businesses. 

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