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University and Siemens partner to accelerate digital skills uptake

A new partnership between the University of Sheffield and Siemens has been announced.

The partnership is being launched to accelerate digitalisation, boost digital skills and meet the needs of an increasingly digitised industry.

This agreement comes as part of a new UK wide collaborative digital network which links universities with the Internet of Things (IoT).

The network comes as the widespread adoption of digitalisation is being hailed as the 4th industrial revolution, and considered crucial to the UK’s competitiveness and productivity.

Siemen’s partnership with the University of Sheffield is built on the MindSphere Innovation Network developed by Siemens to connect its IoT platform to a universities research assets.

Daniel Koseoglu, MD at Affecto said: “Digitisation is key for the UK to drive competitiveness, improve productivity and take advantage of the commercial opportunities that present themselves to an increasingly digitised industry.

“The launch of the MindSphere innovation Network will allow universities to harness the power of digitisation, develop skills needed for the future and build the UK’s world class capabilities and expertise in data science.”

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