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Python snakes its way to IEEE 2017 language list top spot

Python has topped the charts as the top programming language of 2017, slinking past C, Java and C++.

According to the latest ranking from IEEE Spectrum, Python, a scripting language that is often used by software developers to add programmability to their applications, such as engineering-analysis tools or animation software, achieved the benchmark score of 100, with C (99.7), Java (99.5) and C++ (97.1) trailing behind.

Languages in the listing were ranked for web, mobile, enterprise and embedded, and each permutation in between.

No new languages were ranked in the full list for the second year running.

Daniel Koseoglu, MD at Affecto said:  “A continuing trend appears to have emerged in which programmers are looking to use pre-created tools to cater to the boom of cloud, mobile and big data applications.

“Crucially for those working in the IT sector, the list reveals the most popular languages in terms of employer demand, with Java coming out top in this respect, followed by C and Python.”

The full interactive list can be viewed here. 

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