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£15m fund set to boost culture in the North

A £15 million fund to boost culture and creativity in the north of England has been launched.

The fund is designed to build a lasting legacy from the Great Exhibition of the North, which is set to take place in Newcastle and Gateshead as a showcase of Northern art, design and innovation.

Towns and cities across the north will be able to bid for a share of the £15m pot to regenerate the north’s vibrant creative and tech industries.

The move comes after the Government came under fire about a north-south divide in public spending.

Daniel Koseoglu said: “The north is an economic powerhouse as well as a cultural hub. This fund will help to provide an additional boost the region’s already booming tech and creative sectors.

“Many cities are set to benefit from the additional funding, which will ultimately create a lasting legacy for creative excellence in the region.” 

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