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Google introduces new mobile certification for developers

Google has introduced a new certification that will allow mobile web developers to demonstrate their skills in creating flexible web applications.

The ‘Mobile Web Specialist Certification’ programme makes up part of the company’s existing courses for Android developers, data engineers and cloud architects.

To earn the certification, the developers must complete an open book exam which costs $99. As part of the exam, they have to complete a number of coding challenges and a 10-minute exit interview.

Topics covered in the test are web layout and styling, progressive web applications, debugging, performance optimisation and caching.

Once a developer passes the exam, he or she is awarded a digital badge to display on their CV.

Daniel Koseoglu, MD at Affecto said: “This certification will allow web developers to increase their visibility in the industry, while boosting their reputation as a certified developer.

“Earning this google certification will no doubt increase employability prospects, but it could also provide a route for individuals who want to achieve certifications in the industry without going down the university route.” 

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