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DevOps: Five Benefits to Businesses

Put simply, DevOps is a combination of software development and operations. The combination of these two disciplines emphasises communication and collaboration between the developer and the IT operations team.

DevOps integrates functions between the two groups allowing them to deploy software more frequently, while maintaining stability and productivity.

By automating workflows and measuring performance, DevOps can help businesses optimise product development efficiency.

DevOps has five key benefits for businesses:  

  1. It ensures faster delivery times which improves ROI. By utilising Agile principles, DevOps allows for faster development of software and ensures more frequent delivery.
  2. It improves collaboration between teams by improving transparency and allowing communication between departments.
  3. It garners a stable and reliable operating environment.
  4. It can ensure faster detection and correction of defects.
  5. DevOps ensures continuous release and deployment, continuous testing and continuous monitoring, reducing go-to market times, and allowing shorter release cycles. 

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