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Software Architect - £90k

Job Ref: 2461

How should our application architecture change and what supporting infrastructure do I need as we migrate to the Cloud?


How do we maintain conceptual integrity of our product design as it rapidly evolves?


How can we quickly deliver the robust legacy system interfaces needed by our Agile development teams?


What do I need to do to integrate data science models into our production business processes and unlock the value of our data?


These are the types of questions that you’ll be asked by clients and colleagues of the large scale consultancy we’re helping!


As one of the Architects, you’ll use your broad technical knowledge, full lifecycle project experience and excellent communication skills to bridge the gap between client and internal delivery managers, enterprise architects, operations teams, UX consultants and developers.


You’ll also have the overall technical responsibility for the delivery of your solutions and you will be experienced in defining and delivering solutions to meet wide ranging stakeholder requirements and stringent non-functional requirements. You’ll be comfortable evaluating a new Open Source technology in a rapid technical spike, presenting to a CIO on a package selection, or working with a technical tester and a support desk engineer to debug a time-critical P1 issue.


As a technical authority, you lead by example and inspire delivery teams to create great software products that demonstrate the art of the possible. You mentor developers to ensure they see the wider picture and meet our exacting standards, while acknowledging the deep experience they bring from spending hours a day working on a codebase.


You have energy and a pragmatic, delivery-focused attitude that wins the respect of those around you and makes you a trusted technical advisor. You’re willing to be hands-on when you need to be. You balance innovation and intellectual rigour with realism. You love technology and want to keep on learning. You’re genuinely interested in understanding the challenges your users face and how you can help them.


The business in question has developed some of the most demanding systems around using the latest technologies and techniques – from the messaging hub that integrates the whole of the NHS, to an application that uses a leading-edge AWS technology stack to underpin a great UX visualising the flightpaths of every plane in the world – as well as analysing huge quantities of data to improve fuel efficiency, reducing costs and environmental impact.


Software Architects have always been at the centre of their world, managing technical risk and creating real business value.


If this sounds like you and you want to be part of an exciting, fast growing business, we’d love to hear from you!



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