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Affecto Team Interviews: Meet Karl

Meet Karl our BDM, after a successful career in software sales he eventually saw the recruitment light (it took Craig 10yrs for this to take place) and joined us back in October 2020.

Can you give me a professional overview?

I’ve been in sales for over 15 years now, in a number of different industries and areas, the main constant has been my enthusiasm for and ability in Business Development. 

Why did you join?

I’ve known Craig for over 10 years, and we’ve always admired each other professionally (despite a lot of joking!). I learnt about Affecto through him and working for Affecto is an exciting opportunity to work for a successful recruitment company with a difference.

What do you do?

As Affecto’s Business Development Manager, I focus on building relationships between Affecto and external organisations and individuals. I also support the team by ensuring there is always someone to laugh at!

Favourite Affecto Moment?

Either when I first joined and met the team, or when we disagreed over what music to listen to in the office! I maintain metal is an excellent choice for office music.

Favourite Recruitment Moment?

Supporting somebody’s career development and encouraging them to find a role they’re passionate about is a really rewarding job. I think I’ll have to pick a top 3 moments each year from now on!

Favourite Holiday Destination?

Lima, Peru. My wife and I travelled for 6 weeks around its high altitudes and serene beaches.  However, it was the food that dragged me there – I am a sucker for a Michelin star restaurant and Lima has 3!

Favourite Food?

I think it’s impossible to choose just one! I am a BIG foody, but I would have to say octopus is my favourite food. My wife’s Grandma is Spanish and so it is a staple of our family now.

Favourite Beverage?

Spanish red wine. Pint of a fruity, slightly sour ale. Negroni. Just tell me when to stop…

What professional advice would you give your younger self?

Follow what you are passionate about, and work with a good team of excellent people around you – it’ll make work not feel like work at all!


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