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Affecto Team Interviews: Meet Emma

This week our interview is with Delivery Consultant Emma, you’ve probably seen her videos across social media, now learn more about her!

Can you give me a professional overview?

I started out as an Education Recruitment Consultant in 2018, making the move to IT recruitment at the start of 2020 so I am still quite new in my recruitment career! 

Why did you join?

Affecto were recommended to me by someone who had previously interviewed with Daniel and Craig. They spoke very highly of the business and of both Daniel and Craig, so I couldn’t not meet them for a beer. I very much embarrassed myself on our first meeting which involved me throwing the contents of my handbag across the floor and ordering an Amstel (to future interviewees, go for an IPA because these guys know their beers and it whatever you order will become a nickname that sticks). Despite this, I was offered a second interview so I knew it would be the right business for me. The whole process was amazing and to be part of a team of experienced managers and recruiters; it was the ideal opportunity.   

What do you do?

I am a Delivery Consultant and I look after relationships with candidates in the IT sector.

Favourite Affecto Moment?

There are far too many to mention but many of them take place during our morning meetings!

Favourite Recruitment Moment?

Recruitment is such a rewarding industry so there are definitely a lot of favourite moments. I’m going to go with 2 because I can’t just pick 1! The first is when you initially speak to a candidate who you know is a star and immediately know which business will suit them. The second is when you catch up with a candidate 3-5 months into the role you worked so hard to place them in and they love it. 

Favourite Holiday Destination?

It has to be America, my grandparents lived there for the majority of my life, so it has become like a second home to me!

Favourite Food?

I absolutely love food and if you have read Craig’s interview you will see that it is often to Daniel’s disappointment that we talk about food way too much. I’d have to go with either my Mum’s tuna pasta bake or a lovely lamb shank with a creamy mash, gravy and mint sauce on a Sunday.

Favourite Beverage?

Definitely not Amstel – if I am being sophisticated, I love a light Sauvignon Blanc. If I am being honest, I love tequila!

What professional advice would you give your younger self?

You spend a lot of your life working so make the most of it! Be yourself, work bloody hard and above all, just be yourself.


Stay Safe,

Team Affecto.


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