Executive Search is our highly entrepreneurial search brand with an extensive network and global search capacity.

Expertise & Experience

Nowhere is the pace of change greater than across the Technology space. From disruptive start-ups and challenger brands to established PLCs seeking to adapt to a changing world, our expertise lies in working with those companies focusing on change, transformation or disruption. Working at C-Suite, Board and Senior Leadership level we identify and engage with leaders with flair, creativity, technical expertise and strong execution capabilities.

Our team combines strong, industry relevant experience and strong search capabilities, leveraging cutting-edge technology, enabling a highly consultative yet successful and time efficient turnaround of searches. Strong corporate capabilities, brand identity and a commitment to excellence mean our opinions are valued and sought after.

We identify and engage with leaders with flair, creativity, technical expertise and strong execution capabilities.

Assignment Process

Our success is built on a straightforward and transparent approach throughout all stages of every search. We do this by adhering to a structured recruitment process involving the research, identification, approach and attraction of precisely identified individuals.

As an ambitious, profitable and independant specialist recruitment business, who are big enough to deliver but small enough to care, Affecto is always flexible, fitting around you and your requirements (and not the other way around). At the same time, our process usually includes the following stages:

Naturally, we take the utmost care to understand your organisation, your opportunity, and crucially, the kind of person most likely to succeed.

This is agreed with you in our Specification of Requirements - a highly professional marketing document and reference point for the whole project.

Once we’ve established a robust profile of the individual you’re looking for, we’ll then agree the Search Strategy - identifying the sectors, companies and individuals, refining the targets and working with you to develop a transparent strategy you’re comfortable with.

As you’d expect, we’ve built and maintain an extensive candidate network, many of whom have been clients of Affecto Recruitment, so we’re more than confident one or more of the candidates we select will be already known to us, providing extra piece of mind.

As experienced Search specialists, we understand no candidate is the same and every interview is different. We assess and respect the individual motivation of each candidate (who will most likely not be actively in the market). The best interviews are therefore epitomised by intelligence, insight and intuition and in the technology space, ours are second to none.

With our experience and judgement, we are extremely confident about those candidates combining the correct technical capabilities and cultural fit. That’s not to say we’re complacent however, we also conduct competency-based interviews (the questions for which will, once again, be influenced by your priorities and views).

Each shortlisted candidate is profiled with a detailed CV and written assessment - including the highlighting of any notable points of interest - and then discussed at length with you, typically in a face-to-face meeting at either your or our offices. Once you are comfortable with the shortlist, we will then agree and arrange the interviews on your behalf.

We are also happy to attend them. We feel this is a commitment that offers a variety of benefits - some obvious and some subtle - and we will be pleased to discuss these with you. (Of course, the bottom line is, we won't waste your valuable time - or indeed ours - by shortlisting "possible fits" or mediocre candidates; your interview process will be both interesting and productive).

In our pivotal role between you and your candidates, we work really hard to ensure that all parties are well informed and perfectly-positioned to participate in a precise process.

Communication is key and so is our typical contribution to the remuneration discussions, managing expectations, minimising mismatches and ensuring a positive outcome at the negotiation stage.

We’re pleased to take out formal references on the successful candidate on your behalf. (Before this, we always take out informal references and soundings on the final shortlisted candidates for you to consider).

In due course, we arrange at least one structured Review meeting or call with each client and new employee individually, to probe and verify and ensure the long term success of each completed assignment.

Finally, you'll of course have the chance to tell us what you think: our Client Service Reviews are a continuing process to evaluate our performance and avoid complacency.

Our Reach

Affecto Search blends our years of experience in senior level recruitment with cutting-edge technology to ensure our clients have access to an appropriate shortlist of talent, no matter how challenging a brief.

At the end of the day, at the top table, talent transcends territories. Thats why for any company looking to engage with key leadship within technology, not only do we have a great perspective on the market, we know how to leverage that knowledge with technology and data to connect you to key individuals able to drive your organisation forward.

We think its a very different market proposition, especially in the business of Executive Search, making us capable of representing you powerfully across the UK. Across Europe. And across the globe.


COO, Ask4 Broadband, Sheffield

We recently retained Affecto Search to appoint our new Head of Technology.

Throughout the process, from the briefing and specification of requirements to shortlist refinement and interview management, Daniel was insightful, engaged and achieved every milestone agreed. Of the candidates presented, all were relevant and interesting, ensuring that each interview stage felt productive.

Ultimately, the successful candidate, like the majority of the shortlist, was only in the process because of Daniel's extensive network of contacts.

I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Daniel or Affecto Search to businesses looking to identify and engage with senior technology leaders.

CTO, Scale-Up Software House, Sheffield

As an experienced leader within technology, truly exciting opportunities are quite hard to come by, especially in South Yorkshire!. However, Daniel approached me about one such opportunity with an organisation looking to scale and right from the original call, I was very intrigued.

The business obviously held Daniel in very esteem and trusted his judgment in what was the most important hiring decision to date. The role evolved several times during the process (as these types of opportunities tend to do) but Daniel was always objective, informative and a guiding hand throughout.

Unusually, I found each stage of the process productive and informative and Daniel a pleasure to work with.

I would recommend anyone of a senior level within technology have Daniel in their contact book as Affecto Search certainly have their finger on the pulse when it comes to the region's marketplace.

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